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A "Who's Who" guide to some of the characters you'll meet in "Commitment Issues"

Emoji Evan.png


"I seem to have cornered the market in terrible dates."

Despite my tireless efforts, I've just not been that lucky in love. Thankfully Mel, my bestie, and my sister Sally are always there for me. I don't have a problem getting dates... I'm pretty damn handsome, if I do say so myself. It's meeting a guy who's interested in more than my looks. In fact I'd promised myself that I would take a break from men, but then Mel went and set me up on this blind date with some guy from her office, Scott. Suppose one more date won't kill me...

Emoji Scott.png


"What I'm thinking, and please feel free to laugh, is this: I can see a future with you."

It's been decades since I last went on a date. How hard can it be? Chat, drink, eat, drink, bill, home. Drink. The truth is since Patrick... well, let's just say I haven't felt the time was right. But then Mel kept pushing me to have dinner with this friend of hers and she doesn't really understand the word 'no'. So here we are. Wait, someone's coming over. No, that can't be him. He's way out of my league. What was Mel thinking...

Emoji Mel.png


"Right, I want the full story, from the beginning. And don’t try and leave out the dirty bits."

I'm happy for the boys. Clearly I am an excellent matchmaker. I thought Evan and Scott might get on, but a proposal on the first date is a bit extreme, even by Evan's standards. Of course I'm going to be busy now, what with being Matron of Honour and having to organise the reception and everything. I hope my husband won't miss me too much, but then as long as there's power to the Playstation and a beer close at hand, he'll be fine...

Emoji Sally.png


"What are you talking about? What proposal?"

All my life I've watched my brother Evan careen from one drama to another, he could use some ordinary in his life. Still I'm not convinced this instant relationship is going to work. Look at me and Tom. We've been together five... nearly six years, and we've not even got engaged yet. As Tom says, these things can't be rushed. I want to tell Evan the whole thing is ridiculous, but he'll discover that on his own soon enough.

Emoji Frankie.png


"Of course, you boys wouldn't even be able to get married if it wasn't for the sacrifices my generation made."

I've known my Scotty for nearly twenty years now. I suppose I've become like a fairy godfather to him. He deserves some happiness after everything he went through when Patrick fell ill. Impressed me how he stood by him through all that. Of course, I want to support him, but he hardly knows this Evan. They seem to think this is all down to fate, but I've been around long enough to know that's just wishful thinking. I do hope this fairytale has a happy ending, for Scotty's sake.

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